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A Day at the Races

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BNI is about more than the business support we all know and love: BNI Prosperity also has an active social calendar, co-ordinated by Joanna Streames, our mortgage advisor.

At BNI Prosperity, we do not let a little thing like being a good couple of hours or so from Cheltenham stop us. If we can’t get to the races, then the races come to us. Our weekly breakfast venue, Kettering Rugby Club, put on a Gold Cup lunch, and so we signed up.

We hadn’t realised that the rugby club’s supporters’ club was off to Lancaster that day, and that they celebrate these events by plundering the local fancy dress shops. As Elvis (in various different exciting colour combinations), Darth Vader and Superman trooped into next door room, those of us whose only thought about what to wear to the event had been to worry that they didn’t actually possess a dress began to wonder quite what they had signed up to.

But BNI Prosperity is keen on its racing, and the exciting prospect of working our way through the race card meant that what was going on next door soon ceased to have any meaning. Most of us missed the Gold Cup winner, but we made up for it with a pretty impressive performance on the rest of the card.

Whatever our skills (accountancy, social media, decorating, bookkeeping, insurance, proofreading, website building and HR) we all found we had another one: picking at least one winner each.

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